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Latest Tech Tips Milestones

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Every blog evolves and the process of evolution is worth documenting. My blog "Latest Tech Tips" is a huge passion for me and I have never been hooked to any think for such a long time. Each day I try to make it better and try out new things.

This post will document the evolution of "Latest Tech Tips" since inception. Since it is the second calendar year of "Latest Tech Tips" I will make the documentation year wise.

Crossed 400,000+ visit mark.

Twitter: 1000+
Facebook: 275+ Fans

Traffic: Latest Tech Tips get 300000+ view mark which is amazing.
Twitter: @latest_techtips has 350+ followers.
Facebook: has 235+ Fans.

Sep : "Latest Tech Tips" will receive its first pay check on 1st Oct 2011 from Google, but the great NEWS came in September. Also one of the entries in contest won "Latest Tech Tips" a consolation prize. Also on traffic front we have reached 140,000+ views mark.

Jul 1: "Latest Tech Tips" finally has its first Google Pagerank of 2. Great NEWS for this blog.

Feb 3: "Latest Tech Tips" Completed publishing 300 posts. Its a huge number. But a very small number compared to having 100K+ good articles so that anyone and every one can treat "Latest Tech Tips" as a technology guide. Long way ahead.

Feb 2: "Latest Tech Tips" Completed 25,000 views from across 117 countries around the world.

Jan 25: Got a new voluntary co author "Nitish Poojari". Great to have someone other than me contributing to the vision of creating a archive of Tech Tips.


Nov 20: Registered as the domain for my blog "Latest Tech Tips". My first investment of $38 in "Latest Tech Tips".

Nov mid: Google restarted indexing "Latest Tech tips" the free flow of traffic started and so did my patience paid off.

Oct 23: "Latest Tech Tips" De listed :( from Google search index. Horrible experience no body should experience. I am putting it here because one should not be dis heartened when bad things happen keep doing good things and you will be rewarded one day.

May 20: Started blogging and taking it very seriously. As a result started "Latest Tech tips" at an initial address of "" with $ 0 investment.

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