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iPhone vs BlackBerry The Epic Ad War...

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The iPhone and BlackBerry both are know to the world for their innovation and creativity. It's not surprising that they use their same skills in their Ads campaigns..Some time back iPhone and BlackBerry had a raging war and each tried to pull others leg in trying to show off their creativity via their ads. Now its up to you to decide who is the clear winner..

First BlackBerry takes a shot at Apples iPhone

Then iPhone takes the sweet and smart revenge..

So which ones your favorite and who do you think is the clear winner? After looking at these videos one can imagine the kind of competition in the cell phone market..Now there is Android OS, Nokia Maemo OS..man things are getting out of control in here.. and who is the winner well I guess its us..


  1. Battle for bucks and mind of the consumer is always fierce, i believe there is plenty of profits in this business to trigger off warfare.

  2. Ya its all about money..honey..Thanks for stopping by..


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