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How to submit your blog to Technorati

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Technorati ranking has a very significant respect in the blogging community. Submitting my blog to Technorati was the most unique experience I ever had than submitting it t other blog directories. I will explain the detailed process of getting your blog listed to Technorati right away.
1. First you need to SignUp with Technorati .
2. Then you need to submit your blog by adding its URL in the Claim Your blog section.
3. Fill in necessary details and put the relevant keywords, proper RSS feed link and press submit.
4. Now Technorati will send you AUTH code called the short code like "HA4U8CX9MZQW" via email.
5. You need to add this code somewhere in your upcoming post and publish the post.
6. Then go back to your account in Technorati and click on "Verify Claim Token".

After all this the verification process would start and it might take some more time to get your blog listed in Technorati.

I would definitely update you guys about the turnaround time for getting listed in Technorati once I get my blog listed. Stay tuned.

How long does it take to get listed in Technorati?
It took "Latest Tech Tips" around 7 to 8 working get listed in Technorati blog directory. So you can safely presume minimum similar period of time to get listed if not more. Technorati does not index the entire blog at once infact it indexes only latest posts from the day it includes a blog in its directory (Written in automatic notification and also little bit of my experience).

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