How To Make Your Windows 7 Taskbar Look Like A Windows XP? - latest tech tips

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How To Make Your Windows 7 Taskbar Look Like A Windows XP?

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Recently I upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows XP . Windows 7 is the most amazing version of Windows from the world leader Microsoft. There is no doubt about the user friendliness about the windows 7, but when it comes to an old Windows user certain features of windows 7 makes little bit confusing.

One of them is windows 7 task bar. Default windows 7 task bar consist of group of similar application and folder with no title. To locate your application or folder you need to move your mouse on icon where it shows small screenshot of all instance of your application.

Now I am going to show you How to convert your Windows 7 task bar to look like a Windows XP.

1. Go to the task bar properties by right clicking to taskbar
2. Now select the option “Use Small Icons”.
3. Select the option “Combine when task bar is full” or “never combine” if you never want to combine similar application or folder.

4. Press Apply button.

Now here it is your brand new Windows 7 with taskbar like Windows XP


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