How to find your flight seat before boarding the flight? - latest tech tips

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How to find your flight seat before boarding the flight?

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Wouldn’t it be really cool to know exactly where you are going to sit in your next flight before you actually board your flight? Well if you think that’s impossible then think again.

Many times it so happens that you book your air tickets but you normally don’t get the seat numbers you get them before boarding the flight. Not many people know that you can request for preferred seats provided you know where you want to seat. This trick is very useful in case you want a specific seat to be allocated to you before you actually board the flight.

Many a times we just say a window seat or the section in which you want to sit like tale or middle or front, but now you can actually tell which seat numbers you would prefer sitting on.

The trick is to very simple.

1. Just go to
2. You can either enter Airline Name and Flight Number or

3. Airline Name, From City, To City and Date (In this case you need to know the time of your flight in case there are multiple flights).

4. Once you enter the relevant details you will get to see the airplane’s inner model which is likely to carry you.

5. Also if you hover over the picture you will get to see the exact seat numbers and the facilities available in them like Class, Power, Seat size, TV available.

This way you can decide which window seat you would like to get. So guys be ready to fly high with a seat of your choice. Also you can avoid unexpected surprises if it’s really a very long journey. Hope this tip is helpful to you all.

Enjoy your flight. "Happy and a safe journey"


  1. though not a regular passenger i am..... but certainly going to try next time whenever opportunity comes....

  2. i m going thru ur previous articles... its really gud spending time in these... very informative...indeed !!!

  3. Thanks a lot for the appreciation..I am very much looking forward for updates on your blog..keep rocking and keep blogging..


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