How To Convert Word Doc To PDF or PDF to Doc Online? - latest tech tips

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How To Convert Word Doc To PDF or PDF to Doc Online?

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Today is the world of digitization and e-book is one of the important part of it. Normally ebooks comes with various formats like pdf, doc, chm,and one of the well-known format among this is PDF. As the name suggests PDF (Portable Document Format) makes it easy to share information.

Now every smart phone supports PDF format which allows us to read our favorite stories, comics, books in our phone which makes PDF as important part of our life.

In this article I am going to tell you easy steps to convert your document to PDF , PDF to document without using any 3rd party software and that too for free. Well just follow the steps below to convert your document to pdf and vice-versa.

1. Go to

2. You will see the tabs under the left panel of the website consist of different conversion options like PDF2DOC , DOC2PDF, PDF2HTML, WEB2PDF

3. Once you select your conversion option you will see the orange colored button appeared under the tab

4. Now the last step is, browse and find your file by clicking "choose file" button and enter name for the file and your email id where you want to send the converted file.

5. Press Convert to PDF button under the form. You will get the confirmation message on screen once your document is converted and emailed to you successfully.Your converted document is sent to you as an attachment.

This website also allows you to convert your PDF to html format and vice-versa.


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce you all to the latest author on Latest Tech Tips "Nitish". The debut article is just very cool..Stay tuned for more goodies from Nitish soon..

  2. ketan mujumdarJanuary 25, 2011

    Bhari re nitya ... are i have to write one article but access nahi :P

  3. You can send me the draft and I will see to it that you get access to publish the post..

  4. For converting docs/txt files to pdf, I use PrimoPDF. the other way round i hardly require to use it.

  5. Thanks Vee for the tip..I will surely try that..

  6. I have always wondered about how to do this. I will have to keep this on file for future use. Thank you for the good post!

  7. The Debut post by "Nitish" is getting good recognition.I am really glad its helping out many people..


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