Find How a Blog/Website Appear to Googlebot using "Fetch as Googlebot". - latest tech tips

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Find How a Blog/Website Appear to Googlebot using "Fetch as Googlebot".

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Having good content on your website is important but it is also important to know how does your blog or website really appear to the Google bot? There are many advantages of having this information.

1. You understand what all information is actually getting cached by the Googlebot on your blog i.e. what information is analyzed by the Google Search Engine.
2. What all widgets are actually SEO friendly.
3. Helps in deciding a strategy which would balance your blog from being SEO friendly as well as reader friendly.

Now the big question is How do we find how your blog appears to the Google search engine?
Just follow below steps to find out how your blog or website appears to the Google bot. For this we have to use Fetch as Googlebot feature of Google Webmaster tools.

Fetch as Googlebot:
With Fetch as Googlebot you can see exactly how a page appears to Google when it indexes it.

Read the article "How to find Google Bot activity on your website or Blog?" which has detailed steps of registering your website to Webmaster Tools (very easy takes less than 30 seconds).

Here are the detailed steps:

1. First add your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

2. Click on the blog or website you just registered.

3. Click on the Labs Tab and then "Fetch as Googlebot" Tab.

4. Now simply click on fetch button to Fetch your website home page. (you can also fetch individual web pages in your blog by specifying the remaining url in the text box)

5. A Success hyperlink will appear in few seconds (some times you might have to refresh the page). Just click it to see what Googlebot has actually fetched from your website.

You might find out that Googlebot might not have fetched some contents in your blog. The reason could be it is dynamically rendered. So be careful if you think Google can fetch every minor detail in your website. Try and avoid fancy Javascrips. Google loves simplicity as far as possible. Thats the reason why I have added least number of dynamic widgets in my blog.

Hope this information helps you to take some critical decisions about your blog and you are 1 step closer to making your blog Search Engine friendly.


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