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Easily Move On To Chrome From Mozilla or IE.

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I have been a die-hard Mozilla Firefox fan and have used it for many years. But unfortunately Firefox started slowing down by each day and I though of having a faster alternative.

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I just gave Google Chrome a try and found it very impressive and very fast. This post is basically to guide you to move on or migrate to Google Chrome from your Mozilla or IE browser with least effort. Most of the time we hold back migrating to new browser because of the comfort and all the existing bookmarks which you don't want to lose.

I am going to tell you a way in which you will never lose your previous bookmarks and use the latest and fastest Google Chrome as though you have used it since many years. Here is what you need to do.

1. Download and install Google Chrome.

2. Close all your Mozilla and IE Windows (Very important).

3. From Chrome Go to Settings > Options > Personal Stuff > Import Data From Other Browsers.

4. Select items you want to important and the Browser you have used before (Mozilla or IE)

5. Click on Import button.

6. Now go back to Basics Tab and from Default Browser option make Chrome your default browser.

I hope these steps would help you in moving in the right direction and help you choose a faster browser. Mozilla 4.0 is still in its early stage and I would like to use chrome for some time now. You can surely let me know your experience of moving on.


  1. i also like to use google chrome over IE....


  2. google chrome is awesome..

  3. @Irfan and @Vinayak I am also lovin Chrome so far..

  4. Chrome is based on the same engine as FireFox, rather you can call it a tweaked version of FF by Google..

    If your FF is slow, where Chrome is faster then blame it on a certain plugin or add on of FF for slowing you down..

  5. Yes you are correct about the add on part, I have few of them ..but lately I experienced the performance deterioration in FF eve when I disabled most of the add ons.I experimenting with chrome and so far I am happy..


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