Convert Images into Text Documents like Word, Excel or txt online. - latest tech tips

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Convert Images into Text Documents like Word, Excel or txt online.

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Do you have scanned documents containing loads of text? Do you want to convert them in text files like MS word, Excel or txt? Also you want to do it for free. Well all your prayers are answered now.

Here is a simple way of extracting text out of images in a very simple manner. Just follow the below simple steps to convert your image into text document.

1. Just go to
2. Just select your document from your harddisk.
3. Click on upload.

4. Select Recognition language
5. Select Document format word excel or .txt
6. Enter Captcha
5. Click on Recognize Button.

The trick is very simple  works on Windows XP and Windows 7. Did not try it on Linux but it would work is my gut feeling. But to view the files you might have to install OpenOffice.

The advantages of this approach is:
  1. You can avoid typing of many pages.
  2. Text documents can be searched for content where as contents in images can't be searched.
  3. Most importantly its free.
Note and Precautions:
  1. The image to text conversion is not 100 % accurate and is based on quality of image you are uploading. 
  2. If you are uploading handwritten images then this trick might not be very useful. 
  3. You can simply run a spell checker to further reduce your manual work. 
  4. But you should at least read the document once it is converted. 
  5. Reading is better than typing right.Also The image size should not be greater than 4 MB.


  1. this is really something i was looking for, will just try n see how it works......

    BTW missing u on my space... plz do spare some time whenever free

  2. Good to see you here buddy...

  3. this is really cool man !!!!!!


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