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What is "Operation Payback"?

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Ever since Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks was arrested there has been a huge support for him not just in Australia but also in Hacker community. There has been a constant effort to take Wikileaks down.

  • First it was the Domain Name Provide who stopped giving service to Wikileaks.org domain on the grounds that its infrastructure is facing constant "Denial Of Service" attacks. 
  • Then came the PayPal who also stopped giving service to Wikileaks.org which chocked a major chunk of its revenue.
  • Even Mastercard severed its ties with Wikileaks.
The Hacker Community which supports wikileaks has launched a massive hacking cyber attack on all the organizations and financial institutions which stopped giving service to Wikileaks under the initiative called "Operation Payback". This is first of a kind Cyber World War under "Operation Payback".

Mastercard.com Down
The group of hackers call themselves "Hacktivists" as in synonymous to "Activists" and have started attacking with "Denial Of Service" attacks to shut down MasterCard.com website. Mastercard.com is down for quite some time now.

PostFinance.ch Down
"Hacktivists" have even shut down swiss finance agency PostFinance.ch as a mark of protest in support of arrested whistle-blower Julian Assange. PostFinance confirmed on Wednesday that its website had been attacked after it closed Assange's bank account on Monday.

"Operation Payback" has definitely reveled how vulnerable these fiance websites are to hackers and proved how easily technology can be used in a negative way.

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