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Top 5 Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in the World

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Smart Phones, Mobiles are making huge wave with people from around the world, with little kids to their grandparents. But would it not be nice to know about the the fundamentally the most important part of any Mobile phone its OS?

There are thousands of Models and many brands who manufacture those Smart Mobile phones. Lets take a look at the Top 5 most popular Mobile Phone Operating Systems (OS) around the world. Do you know sometimes the software (OS) is more expensive than hardware?

No# 5: Linux and Windows OS
Ideally they should not be kept together but since its a top 5 list and the gap between them is not too much they both are at number 5 with a total presence of around 2 % each. Which means in totality roughly together they are used in 4 - 5 % of all the Mobiles available in the market today. Both of these are the most popular Operating Systems in PC segment.

No# 4: RIM OS
Research In Motion Operating System S is basically used by Black Berry Phones and is used roughly around 12 % of mobiles available around the world that also means that 12 % of the mobiles are Black Berry phones.

No# 3: Apple iOS
Well its a Operating System made for the most famous Apple iPhone and is a deserving candidate at N0# 3 spot. The total share of Apple iOS is around 13.5 % which also means that total market share of Apple iPhone is around 13.5 %.

No# 2: Android
This is a revolutionary Mobile Operating System by Google and its available for free. Android is not only free but also threatening the N0 1 Mobile OS to take over it. Andriod has become popular in a very short period and is being used by different brands like Samsung, LG. with a total % share of 20.5 % it surely deserves the No# 2 spot.

No# 1: Symbian OS
Symbian belongs to Nokia and Nokia is still todays No# 1 Company in Mobile world. I am myself a Nokia fan and currently use Nokia X6. Symbian has a market share of a whooping 29.5 %. That is a huge number but Andriod will defiantly give Symbian a run for its money in a couple of year. Lets see what Nokia has in store to counter attack Android.

Hope you are enthralled with this information about the top most Mobile OS/Operating Systems in the world. You may also like the below articles.

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