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Google's 2010 Christmas Doodle Decoded and Explained.

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Did you checkout the latest Doodle from Google. Google always come up with something enigmatic and this time its a master piece. Here is an interpretation of The latest Google Doodle.

Google has come up with the most innovative way ever to give Christmas message as to how differently and interestingly Christmas is celebrated around the world.

If you look closely the rectangles some what resemble like the spelling of Google. I just tried  to put word Google on top of the shapes to give you guys some understanding. I must tell you I was very confused when I first saw this Doodle.

I tried my level best to decode the Doodle with whatever general knowledge I had. There are few guesses in red and blue circles which I really have no clue about. May be you might want to help me out here.
Please View The Enlarged Image here

Below are the reasons for the countries I chose.

1. Russia: (St. Basil's Cathedral) Because of the peculiar dome shaped churches.
2. Greece: (Acropolis) That structure resembles to some thing related to Alexander I think.
3. China: Obvious China Wall.
4. Nepal: Not sure I think its Mt Everest. Its Mt Fuji.
5. Australia: I guess that bridge is Sydney harbour bridge.
6. Italy: That very much resembles to city of Venice.
7. Japan: Ladies in traditional Kimono costume. This is actually Nepal.
8: Middle East: Because of the attire the gentlemen playing music(Shakes from Gulf)
9: India: I am from India and the ladies dancing are performing Bharat Natyam dance.
10:France: Buche de Noel served in France USA: I am really not sure about this but when I was in NewYork I had seen a similar Gate structure and of course Google is an American Company and they can't skip USA here.


//New Content Start
Each Picture has a Google query for a holiday destination for Christmas. I have canceled out my wrong guesses.

Unknown Places Reveled:
11. Mount Fuji: The one names as Nepal in the Pic is actually Mt Fuji.
12. Sahara Desert: The two people in the desert.
13. Chilean Vineyards: The green Pic
14. Moroccan lamps the pic next to Chilean Vineyards
15. African kanga: Traditional African costume.
16. Chili Pepper : Food & Dishes.
17. Pierogi : Food & Dishes (Unknown Origin)

//New Content End

I missed many location which I have marked them with blue circles and there are plenty of them I hope when people from around the world would visit this article they would try and label them for me. Hope you enjoyed this Google Doodle explanation as much I did explaining it.

Don't forget to add comments about the missing locations. Merry Christmas, Hope you get a great gift from Santa Clause. Enjoy...

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  1. The design took five artists about 250 hours. The holiday doodle— Google's most ambitious one yet— is up on its home page since Thursday morning at 9 a.m. eastern time. It will remain on the Google site for 2½ days, that means around December 25th Midnight EST.


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