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Disadvantages OF Moving From Blogger To Custom Domain!

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It is very important to move to a custom domain from Blogger as you get an opportunity to establish your blog as a brand. You get more respect and many people love to share your links in there websites if you have a domain which is not having Blogspot in the name.

Even though the transition from Blogger to Custom domain was very smooth and problem free it has a considerable impact on your websites traffic.I have listed down some of the short term disadvantages of moving to a custom domain from a blogger blog.

1. Page Rank Lost:
Since the domain changes the Pagerank gets lost and you have to start from fresh. To avoid this it’s always good to have a Domain from Day 1.

2. Popular Posts Vanish:
Many of my popular posts which used to appear on the first page of Google search dropped to later pages or completely got lost.

3. Some Traffic Drop:
Even though the Blogger service redirects users to the new domain, I witnesses some traffic drop as the organic searched dropped considerably. This is the time when my dedicated regular readers saved me.

4. Search Widget:
The Bloggers default search widget which used to search my blog suddenly shows 0 results. This is probable it searched with earlier blog name. Need to find a solution for this.

5. AdSense Refresh:
When you see your daily earnings from Blogger you will notice that it takes data from the day you switch to the new Domain. Don’t worry all your money would be still there but the previous data would not show up in the blogger account. Everything can be seen in the Adsense Account though so don’t worry.

6. Indexing Frequency Dropped:
Earlier my blog used to get indexed immediately now Google Bot visit my blog once in a couple of days. I am sure all this will be fixed over time. Here is where Daily posting is very essential. Fresh content not just keeps the Google Bot interested but also keeps your readers hooked.

Even though all these things happened I am still happy that I moved to my own custom domain as it is very fruitful in the long run.

This post was dedicated to elaborate the cons of moving to custom Domain but there are hundreds of advantages of having a custom domain. This post is just to let you be aware of possible impacts of moving to custom domain and not to discourage you from moving to custom domain.


  1. Yes its true... you are telling correctly...I also found these craps...

  2. Thanks Vinayak for approving my post.

  3. Ya those are my experiences...

  4. Yes it is true .My page rank was 2 before but when I switched to custom domain ,it came to 0.

  5. Ya but now you have your own brand..which you can establish..

  6. Just moved from iphone-5-reviews.blogspot.com to www.iphone5reviewblog.com

    Problems I faced:
    1. Ranking lost completely for 4 days
    2. Old data in webmaster is nor more useful.
    3. Google Analytics stopped showing data.
    4. New posts hardly get indexed even after a few days.

    However, now I have overcome most of the issues and wish to see some good traffic in GA. And yes, as Harshad quoted "I have my own brand which I can establish."


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