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Bad News about Twitter UI

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Its been a long time since new Twitter UI was launched and I had been avoiding it ever since then, but now here is a expected shocker which really saddened me.

I am currently using my old twitter UI and I saw a message that "You’re using an older version of Twitter that won’t be around for much longer. Switch to New Twitter". I was really upset with this happening.

Many people did not like the new UI and preferred the older version instead. I had been doing this for months now but finally I think Twitter has a plan to phase out support for the older classic Twitter UI. I knew it would happen one day but always thought the later the better.

People who stick to the traditional Twitter UI will be automatically switched to the new Twitter UI. In a way its not a good idea as it takes some time to get a hang of things with the new UI. The new UI is some what filled with stuff unlike its classic counter part which simple and clean.

Anyways it would be good to get used to the latest Twitter soon to avoid any confusion later. What say?

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