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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mobile Number Portability in India.

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Mobile Number Portability or MNP has been the buzz word since last couple of years in India and finally MNP has been launched in India in the state of Haryana and other states will follow soon. By Jan 20 2011 it is expected to cover the entire country.

But what does MNP really mean for the consumer or the cell phone user in India. Is it really going to benefit him. Lets have a look at the Pros and Cons of Mobile Number Potability (MNP) in India.

  1. Mobile subscribers would be able to switch service provider while retaining their existing mobile number.
  2. Just for a small fee of  19/- you can change to a new subscriber (Mobile Service Provider)
  3. You can switch from GSM to CDMA and vice versa.

  1. You cannot switch from one State to other which would mean that you cannot have one number across the country. Example if your number is registered in Punjab you cannot switch to a service provider in Maharashtra.
  2. Once you switch your service provider you cannot switch again for the next 90 days. 
  3. Updated (22-Jan-2011) You might loose balance on prepaid cards. 
  4. In case you make a platform shift you will have to change handsets. This means if you decide to move from CDMA-to-GSM or vice-versa, you will also have to change your handset.

Well to sum it up it seems on the whole the customer is again going to be the king and the mobile companies would surely introduce very attractive plans to retain their existing customers. Mobile number Portability is surely a great thing which is happening to the Indian Mobile users. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Ketan MujumdarJanuary 21, 2011

    Awesome i din know the last two thing ...

  2. I am glad you know more about MNP in India. Changing service provider is a huge thing and it must be done with proper analysis as one has to wait again for 3 months to switch back or to some one else..

  3. I got to know that BSNL is going to give this service for free of cost to welcome their new customer with more attractive package. I dont think so BSNL will be good choice for me switching from airtel to BSNL.So i wanna stick with my airtel only :)

  4. BSNL could be a dangerous choice..I am also sticking to Airtel as their plans are really good and service is also fair if not good..

  5. pros and cons ..good post:)

  6. very well said. nicely analyzed.

  7. Nice info i didnt know disadvantages ...but about handset compatibility what to do it with MNP is there any relation between them? Thanks Harshad for sharing here and on indiforum

  8. @Pramod Thanks for stopping by..
    @Mohinee Handset has to be changed when you shift your service from GSM to CDMA or vice versa example From Airtel to Reliance or vice versa.

  9. Number portability across all states would be ideal development or logical end. Otherwise we will have multiple phones and id creating unecessary load on resources. Nevertheless telecom companies are happy with no portability across states

  10. I totally agree with you, I guess It would happen after some time but will happen for sure. A mobile number is a persons identity now a days and MNP should be activated across all states in India.


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