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5 Simple Things Gmail still Does not have!

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I am a great fan of Gmail and am using it since many years now, but there are still many basic features which are still not there in gmail.

It really irritates me sometimes while I am trying to draft a simple email and I struggle a little bit. Following is a list of things which would put gmail back on track.

1. Email Size:
Gmail still does not have the ability to indicate the size of the attachment. The possible reason for it is that Google discourages us from deleting any data. But when it comes to memory getting full we have no choice but to delete mails and this absent ability prevents us from effectively cleaning up the inbox.

2. Email Sort:
Still there is no way in which emails can be sorted by Sender or Date or even subject. This is also very important to delete mails from a particular sender like a spammer or a anyone who sends ePromotional mail or anything.

3. Spell Checking in Subject:
I just don’t understand why this ability is absent even in Outlook. There are so many occasions in which we commit silly spelling mistakes in the subject which spoils our first impression as well as sends a wrong signal to the recipient.

4. Mail Recall:
I understand that it might be difficult to recall a email from non Gmail accounts but why can’t emails sent to Gmail account holders be recalled?

5. Email Folders:
I know Gmail has a very good capability of labeling mails but, why can’t it be extended to folders where in those emails completely disappear from the inbox like outlook. The inbox still looks cluttered with all those fancy labels and unwanted mails. Priority inbox is not a solution as it really sucks..
If Gmail provides these then feature definitely it would be appreciated by its 200 plus million users including me. Ohhh did I miss the Format Painter functionality. The list is growing. Gmail are you listening?


  1. recall mail? This is a ridiculous suggestion. The only way to reliably implement that so as to be useful would be to put sizable delay on the emails after you press send. And that sucks. Otherwise you're talking about a huge amount of complexity with other people's email accounts, whether or not they've read the email yet, whether they've seen the subject, etc. Not to mention that this is ONLY with gmail users.

  2. The delay thing is already implemented in Gmail labs which I already use. But not many people are aware of. And MS Outlook has recall functionality since ages and I have used it a few times..As far as complexity goes it is for sure less complex than the Google algorithm. But recall is a controversial feature as it works only when people haven't read their emails, once read mail cannot be recalled. But if you send a recall request immediately I guess you can count on it. I would love your feed back on other suggestions as well..nice to see peoples reactions..


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