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Zebra Imaging: Amezing Hologram Technology.

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Have you seen a hologram? The same thing which we see on Product cartons, which indicates that the product is authentic. Can you imagine your house that too in 3D model in a hologram with exact same colors?

Zebram Imaging takes 3D model information from Autodesk products and convert that information in to reallife like holograms, now thats an interesting concept. All this is embedded on a very thin sheet of plastic which can be easily transported.

Now forget those bulky models which architects have to build or very expensive softwares or computers required to demonstrate your architectural wonder. Using this technology one can create a almost real 3D model with extreme high interactivity, I person viewing the sheet can't even think that its a simple sheet. It looks exactly like a reality model.

Just checkout this cool video for understanding Zebra Imaging much better.


I am planning to create a series of such cool upcoming technologies. Let me know if you have any such similar thing I would love to post it.

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