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What Should Be Considered As Good Traffic For a Blog?

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I was thinking to write this article since many months and today was the lucky day. Every Blog Author starts blogging for mainly two reasons one is because of the passion for the niche and other is to earn money.

But if you do not know how much traffic is sufficient to earn money then you will not have a goal.

Having no Goal is like a battle already half lost. It's a very subjective thing that what sort of traffic is good for your blog and what is not. Every Blog Author has his own goals, But I am going to try to explan to you how much traffic is a must for you to earn some serious decent money from your blog.

In any website no matter what niche you are writing for a major source of traffic comes from Search Engines. The traffic which come from search engines results is called "Organic Traffic". Now that we have jumped on to Traffic I would say there are two categories of Traffic.
  • Targeted or Direct: These visitors come to your blog directly without any website being involved. They are usually your loyal reader base and pay your blog a visit more often.
  • Un-Targeted or Indirect: These are the visitors which come via Seach Engines, Social Networking sites, Backlinks in other websites and more.
For any successful blogger the ratio between  Targeted and Un-Targeted visitors plays a crucial role. Every blogger goal should be to increase its targetted visitors as much as possible. But the most important thing is the number of people who visit your blog to earn decent money.

Well here is a approximate answer for targeted visitors per day (Precise only God can give):

Visits Per Day Targeted Un Targeted Monthly Income Comment
100 25 75 $1.5. to $ 3 Lets not count these numbers
500 150 350 $7.5 to $ 15 This is still not enough.
1000 300 700 $15 to $ 30 This is still not enough.
5000 1500 3500 $75 to $ 150 You alone can survive 1 day in US
15000 5000 10000 $225 to $ 450 You alone can survive 3 days in US
75000 30000 45000 $1125 to $ 2250 You can survive for upto a month in US
375000 175000 200000 $5625 to $ 11250 Your family can live happy for a month in US.

These are just estimates and some serious blogger earn much more than that. I shall update this post further tomorrow.

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