Use Advance Gmail Features to Compose Attractive Diwali mails. - latest tech tips

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Use Advance Gmail Features to Compose Attractive Diwali mails.

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I have composed many good mails in MS OutLook and I don't have OutLook at home, but you don't need OutLook to compose good looking mails. I will today show you how to compose very good attractive mails for the upcoming Diwali in Gmail.

I will demonstrate all the latest features which are available in Gmail today for composing mails and Keep in mind you'll need to be in rich formatting mode to use all the advance features of Gmail.

Invitation: Invitation would allow you to  create an invite for some get together at your Home in this Diwali (or any occasion). You can simply add an invitation by clicking on the Invitation . You will see a popup which somewhat similar to Out Look Meeting request composer not as sophisticated but fair enough. Once you are done Just click on Insert and the invite will be embedded in your Mail.

See how the invite looks in your mail composed in Gmail.

Language Setting: Mostly we prefer Hindi message, how to write Hindi in Gmail ? Ohh that's very simple. Just go to Gmail, Settings, General and Language and Click on  Enable Transliteration and choose your default language as Hindi (You can choose from around 20 languages most of them are Indian).

Once you are done with settings go back to Compose mail and press CTRL + G or click on the first icon in toolbar which appears in the Compose mail option.

You just need to type Diwali in English and once you hit spacebar Gmail converts Diwali to दिवाली...

Insert Images: This was one thing which was missing from Gmail for some time but now that its there make full use of it. Now you can easily insert cool images in to your mail in Gmail very easily. Just click on insert Insert Image in ToolBar while composing and you will get an option to add image from Computer or a internet URL for the image.
And Finally use your own creativity to make the mail more attractive. You can also give very attractive colours to your fonts in the mail by selecting appropriate buttons from toolbar while composing. And finally after doing all this my Mail looks like this..
Hope these tricks will help you compose better looking mails not only in Diwali but also in general.
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