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Test Your Website Speed At Different Internet Speeds.

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Loading time of a website is very important and one must be aware of the fact that its website visitor might have an internet speed from snaily slow to lightning fast speeds. The challenge is to have a website which would work perfectly in all scenarios.
I just bumped into an online tool which analyzes your website loading time for different internet connections with different speeds.

1. Just visit the website www.websiteoptimization.com
2. Enter your Blog or Website Address.
3. Click on Submit Query and Enter the CAPTCHA.

You will find a variety of results based on different internet speeds from 14.4K (Mobile GPRS) to T1 1.44 Mbps (HighSpeed). Check the below example(one of the parts of the report).

Download Times*

Connection RateDownload Time
14.4K 204.77 seconds
28.8K 159.69 seconds
33.6K 138.96 seconds
56K 89.22 seconds
ISDN 128K 37.45 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 16.58 seconds

One must try to target a Download time of less than 10 seconds for average connection speeds. The faster it loads the faster and more the Search Engine Would index your web pages.

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