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Quick and Easy Way To Schedule Posts On Blogger!

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Scheduling posts can give you a much needed break from daily routine and make sure you feed your readers with adequatly balanced content over a period of time. Scheduling posts in blogger is so easy that you will be surprised.

Just follow these simple steps to Schedule your posts in Blogger.

1. Just Login to your Blogger Account and finish writing your Post.
2. Now look at the bottom of the editor you will see Post Options.
3. Just click on it and see the Post Date and Time Option (Below labels) and click on Schedule at option.

4. Now Just specify date (mm-dd-yy) formate and time (hh:mm Am/PM) format.
5. Click on Publish.

If you have put a past date then the post will be published automatically but will be placed with older posts during the time frame you specified. If you add a future date then the Post publishing would be scheduled for the date and time you specified.

If you are not able to see these options then go to Design -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Select post editor -> Updated editor (Latest Editor)

Also Read : 5 Advantages of Scheduling Posts On Blogger. The article is scheduled to be published in an hours time so stay tuned and enjoy.


  1. Thanks a million!! I had seen this option but did now use my sleepy brains as to how to use it.

  2. You are welcome Archana..I am glad the tip helped you..in some way..


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