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Nokia X6: Using Internet Tips Just Like A Computer with Opera Mobile.

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The Browser App which comes with Nokia X6 is not very user friendly and not very easy to use. Nokia X6 is a very smart phone but you need to use it with some free Apps to enhance your internet usage experience. Read this article to use the Nokia X6 to surf the internet just the way we do it on our Computer.

One of the most important aspects of Nokia X6 is the OVI store you will find many useful and cool apps for free on the OVI store. One of the free apps for internet surfing is the Opera Mobile 10.0 Browser Application in Nokia X6. Just Download it.

With Opera Mini the internet browsing experience is almost similar to what we do on the  Personal Computer.Once you have downloaded you can start using the Opera Mini to browse the Internet. Following features are the strengths of the Opera App.

1. Speed Dial: The first thing you see in the Opera Mini is the Speed Dial, You can save upto 9 websites which you use frequently on this speed dial.You can easily add a link in the speed dial just by pressing on the empty tab with a + sign. If you want to remove a link just press and hold the existing dial and wait for few seconds you will get an option to clear existing link from the dial.

2. Tabbed Browsing: This is the coolest features of this app. Tabbed Browsing. You can open upto 5 to 6 Tabs simultaneously. Avoid opening more than that or else your Nokia X6 Mobile would hang. You can read Ways to Avoid issues in Nokia X6.

3. Image Setting: If you have a very slow internet connection you can just turn off Image display which helps load a web page in less than half time. This is useful if you want to read just the content and can give away the images temporarily. Just Go to Settings > Load Images Off to turn images off.

4. Zoom Configuration: Initially when a web page loads it is occupies the entire screen and displays the complete page. This gives you a preview of the website which is generally not readable. So this Zoom capability Zooms that section up to 300 % of the size displayed initially. Double tap it to get back the previous view. The way it zooms is just cool. Just Go to Settings > Zoom to set the zoom level based on your comfort.

5. Mini Keyboard: This is a very smart feature you, Nokia X6 keyboard actually takes up the entire screen, but with this keyboard it takes little space on the screen and you can actually see what you are typing directly go to the address bar or the text field where you want to enter the text. I love that. It is available in both Landscape and Portrait mode.

6. Opera Turbo: This is useful for slow internet connections. Use it when you have very limited bandwidth. Opera Turbo uses advanced compression technology to speed up data transfer and to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded. By leveraging its experience with server-side optimization solutions such as Opera Mini, Opera Software is extending optimization to encompass other Opera browser products.

7. Google Toolbar: This is also very smart feature just like we have Google Toolbar on our browser to avoid going to Google for every Google search. Same thing can be applied here.

If you are aware of all the above options you can use Opera Mini very effectively also you might find many interesting features the more you explore Opera Mini.

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Don't forget to share your experience once you start using a Nokia X6 with Opera Mini.


  1. Hey opera for nokia platform consist of two different versions of browser

    1> Opera Mobile 10
    2> Opera Mini 5

    both are developed for the symbian mobiles,their are big difference between this both versions of this browser.

    When using Opera Mini a web page that you open, these pages don’t actually downloaded directly to your phone. But these web pages downloaded by the Opera Mini server located in Norway and US, and then compressed up to 90% (or more) and then sent to your phone in OPML format that can only be read by Opera Mini.

    Where as the opera mobile 10 is acts like and desktop browser the pages are downloaded directly to the phone.

    Both versions having ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES like

    1>opera mini fails when comes to surf complex webpages, where opera mobile works great well.

    2>opera mini is faster than opera mobile since the pages are compressed at server at sent to ur phone where opera mobile not

    3>Opera mobile works well when you choose different language like marathi or hindi where opera mini not !!

    4> Opera mobile setup is of around 5 MB where as opera mini 700kb.. so space requirement is more when comes to opera mobile !!

    So it think if u are 3G/WIFI user go for the opera mobile otherwiser GPRS user go for opera mini ..

    thanks for this topic harshad !!

  2. That's the most comprehensive comment I ever got..Its like a mini post..I am wondering if I should invite you to write some guess posts..what say?

    Amazing piece of information which would be very helpful to our readers..
    Keep it up buddy..

  3. Thanks harshad for your appreciation. I would like to do that

  4. I am also very much looking forward to seeing your post on our blog..


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