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Nokia X6: Top 5 Free Ovi Applications.

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Nokia X6 comes with limited Apps but you can download hundreds of free useful applications from the Ovi Store. Amongst the many free apps already available here is a list of the best Apps I have used so far.

1. Opera Mini: This is a must have application as it takes Internet browsing to the next level for Nokia X6. The standard browser coming with Nokia kind of sucks but once you have Opera Mini all your problems are solved. If you have 3G then you don't need your computer. I use GPRS and still am fairly satisfied with my Internet browsing experience.

2. Snaptu: Social Networking App which you must have if you are hooked to SN sites. It has built in Facebook, Twitter, Cricket, Foot Ball, NEWS feeds, Games and so much more. It is very addictive.

3. Photo Browser: Have you ever browsed your photos on iPhone? You can do it in a similar way using this application. It is just fantastic. There is one more feature which you must try in this. When you have selected of Photo just touch a part of photo you like, like some friends face, within few seconds a magnifying glass sort of thing would magnify that part of photo for you. This feature helps in getting all the details in a particular section of a photograph.

4. Bright Light: This is again a very useful applications, I use it whenever I have to go in some dark place at night with no lights. This actually illuminates the flashes bulbs and gives you a very bright battery sort of light. But It also consumes some battery so use it only in case of emergencies.

5. Magic Brush: (Please do not use this app) This is a fun app. Use it to explore your creative skills. This application helps you in creating nice paintings which you can use as your wallpaper. You must simply try it to experience it.

Updated (4-Mar-2011)
6. N-Desk: I had to include N-Desk in this list and exclude Magic brush from the list. This by far one of the best apps in Ovi store for Nokia X6. It not only simulates iPhone desktop but also makes Nokia X6 very fast. Read the complete article on How to avoid app scrolling in Nokia X6 using N-Desk?

N-Desk will take your app scrolling to the next level and you will also find the performance of X6 improve like anything. I use these applications daily and I just love them.

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