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Nokia X6: Killer Features and Advantages.

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Its been almost 8 weeks since I am using my Nokia X6 and I am going to share my good and bad experiences with you all to help you decide on this Phone. This post is dedicated for making you aware of the pros or the better aspects of the Nokia X6. I will also write about the bad part in another post.

As I mentioned earlier I bought the Nokia X6 couple of months ago for around 14,000/- approx $ 280. Nokia X6 generally comes in 3 varients 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. I bought the 8 GB varient. I am going to  talk about 8 GB varient.

Purchasing Nokia X6 was more of an instant decision than a researched one I went to the store to ger Nokia 5800 express music and ended up purchasing Nokia X6, now why did I keep all my month long research about Nokia 5800 and bought X6, I will tell  you.

Purchasing Nokia X6 was more of an instant decision than a researched one I went to the store to purchase Nokia 5800 express music and ended up purchasing Nokia X6, now why did I keep all my month long research about Nokia 5800 and bought X6, I will tell you.

Following Nokia X6 features made me rethink and love it at first sight:

Looks and weight: Its not as bulky as Nokia 5800 and has a very sleek built. I have seen the Black and Blue version of the phone. Its also very light. The display screen size is also little bigger than 5800 Xpress Music.

5 MP Camera: This is one of the key features about Nokia X6. The camera can take some really decent pictures if you use the correct settings I has a Carl Zeiss lenses which is very good.

Capacitive Touch Screen: The Touch Screen is very good and extremely responsive. The user experience is similar to that of an iPhone. You can also download a free Slider Application to unlock your phone just like your iPhone.

Ovi Store: This is the most important and the best parts about the Nokia X6. If you have affordable internet connection you can download really killer applications and really cool games for free. The only problem is that most Games come with Advertisements which require Internet connection. Since I took a  99 for 2 GB plan from Airtel hence I do not worry much about it. But if you have a plan in which you have to pay for every KB downloaded then you must think before playing any free Game. Most of the applications are free and generally do not require any internet access.

Ovi Music: Nokia X6 comes with unlimited music download for an entire year since the day you purchased the phone and not the day you register with Ovi Music. Nokia Ovi Music store has a collection of over 4 million songs, now that’s a formidable collection of music. Another advantage of this is you are allowed to keep the songs even after your subscription ends so download thousands of songs before your subscription ends. All the downloaded Music is 100 % legal and you are not required to worry about the artists of the song as they are already paid by Nokia.

Music Quality: Nokia X6 comes with headphone which are made for playing music. The music quality is very good (not as good as Sony Ericsson Music Phones). But I am fairly satisfied with the Music it plays. It also has 2 sets of built in stereo speakers. The song quality is overall good but its not very loud.

Nokia Maps: This is another cool thing which comes with Nokia X6. It is GPS enabled (requires internet connection) you can find out distance difference between two locations. Find out your current Geographical location and lot more. It also comes with a built in Dashboard which will give you average speed of your vehicle, distance left and time taken to reach destination.

User Friendly UI: Nokia has time and again proved that it has the most simple and effective UI’s in most cell phone companies and same is the case in Nokia X6.

Connection: Nokia X6 is 3G enabled, also has WIFI, GPRS (which I use a lot) and Bluetooth.

WebBrowsing: Nokia X6 has a built in browser which is useless, you can download Opera mini Browser for free from the Ovistore and you will get a state of art surfing experiance. The website renders in the browser as though you are actually seeing it on a PC. This is one reason why I rate this phone very highly. Nokia X6 also has built in Flash support. Over all the internet surfing experiance is very good and give full marks to Opera and Nokia X6 for that.
I will keep on updating this list as and when I find something cool, overall I am fairly satisfied with this phone and I can say that is a very good iPhone substitute at least for people in India.

Price wise it is slightly high priced and if you want to buy this Phone then you can if you are a Nokia fan. I had very bad experience with Sony Erricson and Samsung hence I would always prefer Nokia anytime.

But before you take any final decision to buy Nokia X6 stay tuned for looking at the cons of Nokia X6. There are many issues also present in this phone which I will post them very soon.

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