Nokia X6: Basic Bugs and how to avoid them. - latest tech tips

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Nokia X6: Basic Bugs and how to avoid them.

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I am fairly impressed with Nokia X6 and it has become an integral part of my daily routine. But it also has some bugs which you have to live with and get used to if you need to use this phone for a longer duration.

Nokia X6 is a Symbian phone and most of the bugs revolve around this point. May be a software update would resolve these issues but till then one has to handle or avoid them. I will also tell you all the ways to avoid these bugs (not everything can be avoided).

Nokia X6 Hangs: During the first 2 days of me purchasing the phone hanged and restarted. The reason for this is the phones ability to rearrange icons in Landscape mode. The motion sensor is not properly handled and makes the phone to restart few times.

Avoid: The simplest solution to this problem is turnoff that feature. Go to Settings, Phone, Sensor Settings and Make Sensor Off.

Multitasking: It supports multitasking but when you open more than 3 applications and if one of the applications is Opera Mini Browser and you have 3 to 4 tabs opened in it will show an “Out Of Memory” error. The phone may be considering each tab as a separate process and hence the memory gets full very fast.

Avoid: Don’t open more than 3 applications and 2 tabs in the browser. This way you can avoid this problem from coming many a times.

Abrupt closure of Apps: Whenever the memory is full Nokia X6 automatically closes many of the open applications, sometimes it closes all the apps sometimes it spares few apps. The priority is unknown.

Avoid: The only way to avoid this is open not more than 3 applications at one point of time.

Internal Memory: Nokia X6 comes with 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB internal mass storage. Just like a harddisk. You cannot extend the memory if it is all occupied with data. Its similar to iPhone which also has a fixed memory.

Avoid: Not possible to avoid this only way out of this is to buy the 32 GB variant but that’s not a practical solution. I have the 8 GB version with me and I still have more than half of the memory still unused.

Even though Nokia X6 has many such issues I still love the phone very much I use it daily for hours together and I can’t live without it. I have already posted article on its killer applications and advantages read it if you have time.

All in all I am still satisfied with the phone. The Phone could be a lot better if it had (Android, but I don’t think Nokia would give away its own OSs and choose Google’s OS). You can buy this Phone if you are a hardcore Nokia fan and love its reliability.


  1. Hang Problem : Even i also got the same problem of hanging on my 5800 but never came 2 restart the phone !! it automatically comes out of freezing after few seconds.

    Multitasking: I never received the "out of memory" error even opening tabs more than 5 tabs in opera 10.1

    Abrupt closure of Apps : I am unaware of this :) thanks

    yes!! me to love the phone very much cos of various features like TV OUT , inbuit OVI maps

  2. Thanks Nitish for sharing your view and experiences..I never used the TV out thing will use it soon now...

  3. Harshad Try TV OUT its really good feature of this phone you never need to have CD/DVD player at home or in picnic.Play your picnic videos directly on TV. Just copy the movie to phone and play it in TV,Play motion sensor games on TV like Raging Thunder/ASquadron/Toon Warz u will enjoy like a gaming console. U just need to have TV out cable which is u need to seperatly purchase from nokia center

  4. Now I want to get that cable ASAP..How much does it cost..I think I will get it tomorrow if not sooner..

  5. I dont know the actual cost of the cable bcos i got it from friend . I think it will not cost u more than 500 bucks. Google it "Nokia Video-Out Cable CA-75U"

  6. Hmmm I am doing that right away..

  7. Thanks everyone.I am so happy to have my nokia x6.I like the camera.It only have 128mb ram.That's the only problem.


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