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Top 10 Global NewsPaper's With High Google PageRank.

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We all want to be up to date with latest NEWS. What if you have a list of worlds finest and influential NEWS papers with very high Google page rank. All these papers have at least million visitors a day.

Before you read this article if you are wondering what the Google PageRank means? Then please read this interesting article. I have tried to order them based on there world wide popularity and of course Google Pagerank.

Here is the list:

No# 10: "Asahi Shimbun" 
A Japnese newspaper with a PageRank 7 established in 1879 is a must candidate for the number 10 position. Its website address is

No# 9: Pravda
From Russia which was established in 1908  i.e. more than 100 + years old. It is one of the rare NewsPaper websites which does not feature ads. It has a Google PageRank of 7 and the website URL is

No# 8: Times Of India
At No 8 is the "Times Of India" which was established in 1838 which is a whopping 150 + years old and is also one of the oldest papers in the world. It has a Google Page Rank of 8. It does earn revenue out of displaying online Ads. The website URL is

No# 7:  The Australian
This spot is taken by "The Australian" which was established in 1964 of course from Australia. It has a Google Page Rank of 8. "The Australian" also shows ads on its website. The website URL is

No# 6: Washington Post
At No 6 we have the "Washington Post" which was found in 1982. The Newspaper is from United States Of America. It has a PageRank of 8 and it does earn revenue from displaying online Ads. You may find the website at

No# 5: CNN
"Cable News Network" popularly known as CNN from USA was established in 1980 having a Google PageRank of 8. CNN does earn revenue from online Ads. The website can be located at

No# 4: China Daily
This spot is taken by Chinese Daily news paper called as "China Daily". "China Daily" was established in the year 1981 which is fairly young. It does earn revenue out of Ads and can be located at the address

No# 3: NewYork Times
The 3rd place is taken by the "NewYork Times" which was established in 1951. "New York Times" has an amazingly respectable Page Rank of 9. It does enjoy revenue from Ads and is ofcourse from USA. The website URL is

No# 2: The Guardian
Well this was very hard to decide but the No# 2 spot goes to the "The Guardian" from the United Kingdom. Established in 1821, one of the oldest Newspapers I have ever known. It has a Google PageRank of great 9. The website for "The Guardian" is

No# 1: BBC
And the Number 1 newspaper website of all times is the British Broadcasting Corporation or the BBC. I chose BBC over "The Guardian" not just because its very popular but also it does not earn revenue out of displaying Ads. Pure News that's it. BBC has a Page Rank of 9 again from the United Kingdom. Not necessary to mention but still the website for BBC is

I hope you all likes the list. Do let me know if you feel  some popular Newspaper is missing. Till then good bye.


  1. No coincidence the BBC, the least commercial of the list, has a high page ranking, wins your vote and has high trust to boot. It shows the benefit of public broadcasters.

  2. Yeah Thomas thas really very true. BBC is one of my favorites ..


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