How to Sign Out from all Social Networking Sites simultaneously? - latest tech tips

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How to Sign Out from all Social Networking Sites simultaneously?

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Do you use Twitter, FaceBook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Orkut all at once in a single Browser in different Tabs? Do you hate logging off from each one of them individually? Here is a trick which would help you quickly sign out from all these websites in just two easy steps.

When you are done with your stuff in these Social Networking site just follow the below steps.

1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE keys simultaneously.
2. If you are using Mozilla Click on Clear Now (Make sure yo choose the correct Time Range since you are using the system).

3. If you are using IE Click on Delete.

The above steps Simply Deletes the Browsing History and would automatically delete all the sessions in all the websites you have logged in.

Its really a very simple step and will Sign you out instantly but then you should also keep in mind that you might loose sessions in other websites as well where you have logged in (Other than Social Networking Websites). So use this method only when you are using the Social Networking Websites in the same browser.

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