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How To Quickly Get Website Indexed In Google?

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This is one question many people are searching answers for. Before I tell you the ways of getting quickly indexed it is also important to know about the importance of back-links.

Back-links are basically the references of your website or blog on other websites. The Page-rank algorithm developed by Larry Page was based on this principle "The popularity of a website can be judged based on the number of reference it has on other websites".

You can read my article "What does a page Rank mean?" to understand significance of each Page-Rank. Now the real part, How to quickly get indexed in Google? There are two ways of getting indexed in Google.

1. Submitting your website URL to Google: You can read my article on "How to submit URL to Google for indexing?" This process might take several weeks to get your website indexed.

2. Add a back-link: Adding back-links to popular websites which are indexed regularly (daily). When you add a back-link to popular websites your website gets crawled by the Google bot when it encounters your back-link.

How to create a back-link?
This is very simple. Just copy paste the below code by simply modifying your URL details.

How to add a back-link to popular websites?
Well Its really simple you can use the comments section to add your backlink. But be careful adding a backlink is one thing and spamming is another. The person which reads your comments should not feel that you are abusing the comments section to add a back-link.

Adding backlinks is an art. Before you add a back-link always make sure you read the whole article and then give some nice comment, this would compliment your back-link and the blog author would immediately approve your comment.

Which website can you add back-links to?
There are many popular websites in WWW you can also use "Latest Tech Tips" for this as "" is regularly indexed by Google.

You can simply follow the above steps I mentioned create a nice back-link and post it as a comment to this article. You can read this article to find all the pages indexed by Google in your website or blog. If you do not find any results that would mean Google has not yet indexed your website.

Note: This is not a guaranteed thing to get indexed but its worth a try as adding a back-link not takes more than 2 minutes. To be safe you can also add back-links to many other popular websites. I got the new domain "" from "" indexed in Google in just 1 day using this method. If it worked for me it can work for you too.

Don't forget to comment back when your website does get indexed in Google. Cheers.

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