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How to Create Professional Looking Posts in Blogger?

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First impression is the last impression and that is true in case of the World Wide Web. Most visitors are first time visitors to your blog and you do not know which post they would visit. So it is very important that every post is published perfectly.

You must be aware about the latest editor available in Blogger. Though its not perfect to create very attractive posts, you can still create very good looking posts by using many simple tricks which I will demonstrate.

It took me quite some time to get used to the latest editor from blogger, Initially I hated it but then I got used to it and also found interesting ways to create nice posts. Use the below tips to create professional posts in your blog.

1. Blog Title and Initial Peppy Start: These two things are the ones which attract or distract traffic to your Blog. The Post Title and Initial paragraph are many time displayed in search result of any search engine. You can read : How to choose a Good Post Title? for more details on writing very good and effective posts Titles. The start of the post must have content which would make the reader click on the post title to visit your Posts from search engine.

Its a very good idea to have a Jump Break after the peppy start. Well if you don't know what that is don't worry A Jump Break is a method of exposing just the start of your post to the reader and make him click on Read More link to continue reading. This is useful when someone visits your blog (Home Page) directly and not a particular post.

The advantage of this approach is that you can actually accommodate many posts on the same page and give the reader more options to choose from. If you don't give the reader many choices he will most definitely go away never to come back.

2. Avoid using Bullets and Numbered Lists: These are handled awkwardly in the new editor and avoid them for elaborating steps in your article as it becomes really very difficult to add images in between two bullet points. The images do not align properly and the overall look of the entire posts becomes unfinished.

I literally used to struggle with these and in the end I though of not using it and ended up creating very nice looking posts that too really very fast. The alignments of the texts and pictures is all in ones control.

They can be used in places where you do not want to add any images like for example list of some items etc.

3. Adding Images and use of Alignment: Images really make a lot of difference and if placed properly in the article really enhances the appearance of the article. The latest editor from Blogger is not so good as far as image resizing is concerned.

Once you add an image there are typically 5 options available. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Original size. But it does not have an auto re size feature in which one could easily re size the image by dragging the sides of the image with mouse pointer.

But you can still use it effectively. For that you need to go to Edit HTML mode and manually modify the width and height of the images. It is very simple as in most cases the size and width are already present you just need to modify the existing values to suit your needs.

Adding a preview image for the post: The preview image should always compliment the article as it gives the overall impression about the article and many people read the complete article if that image compliments the article well.

I generally use in 50 X 50 pixels image resolution for the preview. Don't worry if you have a bigger or smaller image just go to Edit HTML mode and specify the height and width you like. You can use the right or left alignment for the preview image. Generally Professional Blogger's prefer right aligned preview images but you decide what you like. 

Use of Text Alignments for Images and Text: Some times the Right, Left and Center alignments in Images do not work, you can use the Text Alignments to get what you want.
  • Just click on the image and 
  • Choose the Text alignment to align the image as per your needs.
4. Use Spell Checker in Blogger: The Latest editor in Blogger come with a inbuilt Spell Checker, that's very useful in making sure you do not posts spelling mistakes in your blog. Spelling mistakes makes a blog look unprofessional and the reader has a negative impression about blog author.

You can simply use the spellchecker by clicking the Spell Checker Icon present in the tool bar of the editor. All spelling mistakes are highlighted in yellow just correct them.
    Using the above Tips would help you create very professional and smart looking Blog Articles which match professional blogs.

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    1. You are welcome Manjulika..

    2. Thanks for the appreciation..

    3. This data is the best so far that I have read about blogging. I am a Senior and new to blogging, but you came down to my level of expertise and I understood everything you explained. Thanks, this is great. Can I ask you separately to explain a blogging problem I have with Amazon link? I messed up someplace and have no one to ask. Thanks again for doing great on this site

    4. Sondra I am glad you liked my post..You can just drop me a mail or with your question I will surely help you if I can..


    5. you did not leave me your email address, and I need help badly.

      I just bought a .com name. I added it to my information on my blog. I was wondering why no one was adding comments and I just found out. I did not point my new email address to the blog email address so google was not giving others my blog name.

      I do not know how to change the name from the blooger to .com....I have no ont to ask and I would even want to change it back to my blogger address but I tried and it would not accept it as I do not know how to put back my original name.

      I have a great blog and NO comments..Please read my blog, if you can..but please first help me change the address or put it back to google blogger address, which ever is easier and quicker...enescere

    6. My mail id is at the bottom of the page..Just added a comment on your blog...let me know if you got it..
      if you want to link your new domain then simply..go to settings > basic > Publishing and specify the redirect url i.e. your .com ad you should be all set.


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