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Funny Bug in Windows 7 Calculator.

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Microsoft has a history of having funny bugs in its products, and Windows 7 is no exception. Today I will introduce you to a funny bug in Windows 7 Calculator.

Before I give you details of the funny trick you can read the article "Funny Bugs in Windows OS". Now let's get back to the funny trick. How many times a day do we use Calculator in windows?  Many for sure.

Now here is a surprise for you.

1. Just open the Windows 7 Calculator (Looks better than its ancestors).
2. Now type in 4 and find its Sqare root i.e. = 2.
3. Not just subtract 2 from the answer you just received.
4. Ideally 2-2 = 0, not any more as per new calculator in Windows 7 the answer is -1.068281969439142e-19
5. That means 2 - 2 != 0, now that's strange.

Don't know what the logic is but it will surely scare me to use this calculator in the future.

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