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Facebook Mail ! Will it really kill Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoomail?

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Facebook is giving Google a tough competition even though the service mostly offered by both are little different still Facebook fan following has become a worry for Google enterprise. Google created a revolution with its search engine. Facebook created revolution with its Social Networking Application.

If both are different then you must be wondering why are we even compering both, well here are some of the things why Google might be worried.
  • Even thought Facebook is mostly Social Networking, the major source of revenue is Ads which is the major base of Google Business. And Since Facebook is also gained a huge market share in this Business Google is kind of getting nightmares. Facebook is doing to Google what even Microsoft could not do.
  • Another cause for worry for Google from Facebook is, Employee retention. Many of the Facebook nearly 10% of there employees are former Google employees. Due to this there was a NEWS about Google offering a 10 % salary hike across the globe. Google is still one of the most sought for Employers but it is now not just one of the (There was a time when Google was the only one).
Now another pain in Google neck would be the much hyped email service from  Facebook. Now we all know Facebook has 500 million members i.e. roughly half a billion i.e. almost worlds 3rd largest Country that too tech savvy. And if it really happens that Facebook announces its plan to launch its new email service Facbook on Monday i.e. 15th Nov 2010, it will have a huge advantage of already having 500 million members straight away making worlds largest email service.

Facebook really could make immense use of tons of information about peoples data it already has and integrating its Social Network with its mail service. Facebook is very rich in data with about billions of photos, videos, networks and activities. People would get different sort of alerts in Facebook mail instead of a boring notification mail. The integration with various Social networking sites is something all the mail services are struggling to effectively do, may be Facebook could have something which no one else has.

If Facebook mail does happen to be a reality it will shoot automatically to No1 position in mail without any efforts as
  1. Facebook Mail : 500 million members.
  2. Hot Mail : Approx 360 million members
  3. Yahoo Mail : 273 million members
  4. Gmail : 193 million members.

The Business model in the world is changing very rapidly, now a days the indirect competitors are becoming more dangerous than direct competitors and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to survive in such competitive atmosphere. 1 example could be Digital Cameras and Pocket Music players getting competition from mobile phones which do almost similar things and you do not need to carry three different devices.

Similarly Facebook even though different Business Model is giving tough competition to Google as it has started eating up its Ads business. How Google reacts to this development would be interesting to see. Google always comes up with different ways to sell there ads by offering people free services, and Facebook is giving Google a run for its Money.

But having said all that the big question still remains is that would YOU switch from Gmail (or any other mail) to Facebook mail and and would these be a major clash of the Titans and who servives only time will tell, one thing is for sure The Customer would always benefit from all this chaos for sure. Don't you agree? I am a huge Google Fan but you never know..hahaha kidding..


  1. great post! it's really unpredictable, the moves these software giants make to capture the market. and you have presented the scenario in the best way.

  2. The fun would begin when @facebookmail would come into existence...


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