Did Google Give up its new Page Ranking Algorithm? - latest tech tips

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Did Google Give up its new Page Ranking Algorithm?

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On 23, Oct 10 was when Google suddenly de listed "Latest Tech Tips" and the page ranking of many popular posts fell staggeringly. The regular Organic traffic from Google almost stopped and only my loyal readers visited Latest Tech Tips.

After doing lot of research I found many experienced SEO experts opined that Google might be experimenting with its new Page Ranking Algorithm. But Today November the 3rd 2010 to my pleasant surprise the organic traffic which was blocked for more than 15 days suddenly came to life and all my very popular posts regained there search ranking.

In these 15 days I realized how important Google is for not only getting traffic but also to convey your ideas to the world. In the mean time there was a huge problem when Google Bot stopped indexing many Blogger blogs, I thought that was one of the reasons for my blog disappearing from search results.

Al thought the traffic is not as swift as it was 15 days back but still its gaining momentum. I must also tell you that in those 15 days I was really saddened but I did not give up hope and posted good articles on "Latest Tech Tips" on a regular basis. May be this also could be one of the reasons for things getting back to normal for this blog.

Anyways it looks like the good old days are back and all my posts have regained there Ranking. Looks like Google's new experiment has backfired somewhat which made it rollback to its previous algorithm. While I am happy about it but also cautious about the fact that a Blogger must always make sure that he submits his blog to as many search engines as possible.

I was very happy to see that I was getting some traffic (although very sparse) from Yahoo and other Blog Directories. This bad experience with Google also made me realize the importance of backlinks and how important they are to get more traffic. I will soon write an article on backlinks so that everyone benefits from it.

Anyways now that the situation is restored to normalcy on the occasion of Diwali I am Happy at least for now..But you never know when the new Google curse will hit back. Until then its time to rejoice.
Happy Diwali Folks. Enjoy..and thank Google for coming back.

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