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Can A Blog Survive Without Google?

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Just last month "Latest Tech Tips" was di listed from Google's Indexing. Though I am not a full time Blogger I could not imagine how much impact it had on my Blogging. It was such a pain to see the traffic drop from 100% to 5 %.

The whole experience was an eye opener for me and and made me realize how badly I was dependent on Google and also made me think what would have happened if Google were not there in this world at all, had I never thought of blogging?

The role Google is playing today to increase popularity of "Latest Tech Tips" is phenomenal and it is really hard to imagine life without Google. As it is the source of 80% + of the traffic. I even got "Latest Tech Tips" indexed with Yahoo and Bing and even Baidu but those are not even close to what Google offered me in terms of traffic.

When the natural organic traffic stops coming to your blog you cannot imagine what people expect out of your blog. There are many posts in this blog which I have written based on the incoming traffics queries, it gives anyone great ideas to solve people queries through your blog.
I will have to be really honest about the answer to the question  and my answer is "No" for startup blogs and "Yes" for established blogs. Getting delisted from Google index from the start of your blogs life is like taking away milk from a new born child. Yes there are many ways like
But they are not as effective as what effect Google can have for your blog. We all know how many people in the world use other search engines and what algorithms do they really follow no body knows.

I said Yes for established blogs because they already have a dedicated reader base ready and even if they do not get traffic via Google there dedicated reader base can help them weather the storm for them.

But even in that case there growth is seriously hampered if they stop getting organic traffic from Google. But since we are just talking about survival I guess they can survive but for how long no body can tell.

Just like the world has evolved, every blog evolves, blossoms and grows in to a huge tree of knowledge and Google acts like a mother for making sure the Blog evolves in the right way by continuing to feed you blog with interested readers. All this provided a blog continue to adhere to Google's Guidelines and continue to add good content on a regular periodic basis. Always remember "Content is King".

I could not be more happy when I started receiving back those missing organic searches from Google and the rise in traffic was clearly evident. Do you want to survive and grow with or without a mother is your choice to make. But I would say that having a mother is a battle half won.

But there is a huge difference between having a mother and having somebody who acts like a mother. But having somebody on your side to support your vision is always a great thing and if a colossal creature like Google stands with you then its a huge moral booster.

Today "Latest Tech Tips" has received visitors from over 100 countries i.e. more than half of the world and I really don't think that would have been possible without Google search. Google's the master you better accept and follow the rules or else get out of the way for others to take your place.

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