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Advantages Of Adding Favicons In Blogs (Blogger)?

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Apart from content the one thing which differentiates between a good and bad blog is the Favicon. I am really amazed with the impact a small change in my blog has done to my own thinking about my blog. Just by adding a simple Favicon things look a lot professional in my blog.

Well this article is not about how to add Favicon in Blogger, there is a very good article already about this here. The article will give you all the details required from creating the Favicon image to adding it to your blogger blog. I am going to focus on the impact a Favicon has on the reader and what are the possible advantages of adding a Favicon.

1. Brand:
It takes years to build a great brand and having a Favicon is the first step in building a brand. Many a times I ignored many good blogs because they had no Favicons (that's a ridiculous statement but Psychology is very difficult to define).

2. Address Bar & Tabs:
In the world of Tabbed Browsing very few websites and blogs have Favicons and if you have it then it simply makes your blog stand out in all the opened Tabs. The user can simply locate your blog in the many tabs he has opened thus making yor readers life a little easier if he wants to get back to it for some reason. I identify many websites in the tabs just based on there Favicons.

3. Professional Touch:
Well this is really true, I instantly felt that my blog has finally got the piece which was missing since inception. I am sure the Favicon has a very positive impression on the readers mind.

4. User Experience: 
The user experience gets a positive boost with just a small Favicon in your blog. The blog becomes simple to locate and the user gets a impression of reading content of a Profession brand.

Even the book marks get the favicon which Identifies your website or blog which is very essential from user point of view, to quickly identify your website without reading the text.

Overall a great value is added when one adds favicon to a website so go ahead and do it.


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