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5 Advantages of Scheduling Posts On Blogger.

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How would you feel if you see the same NEWS for 2 days in a NEWS paper? I am sure you would be freckin mad at the editor of the newspaper. Well just apply the same logic to your blog, Won't your readers be annoyed if they see the same stuff every day on your blog?

Old outdated content is one of the reason why people stop coming to a blog. So what has that got to do with scheduling of a post well they are inter connected. No matter how much passionate you are about your blog, you are a human and you need breaks (vacations) many a times, so the first reason is.

1. Enjoy Peaceful Vacation: Whenever you feel you are willing to go on a vacation then, Scheduling a post for the days in your absence is one of the great ways to keep the readers interested. Depending on the popularity of your blog you can schedule 1 more posts for each day of your absence. If its along vacation you must plan and Schedule your posts well in advance to avoid getting stressed just before vacation.

2. Search Engine: Well search engine is no Human but it has some rules integrated in its algorithm. You page ranking might take a hit if you do not update your Blog more regularly. At least once a day is ideal. My personal experience says you are in deep trouble if you do not update your blog for more than a week.

3. Keeping the Readers Interested: Well you might be having loads of good content but it would be very difficult for your readers to take every thing in one shot. It is always good to posts things on a periodic basis rather than updating every thing in one shot. The things which are time dependent need to be updated instantly but generic posts can be published in a scheduled manner. The more information you post in one go the more and more people expect you to deliver. Its always good to go the slower and smarter way like the tortoise who wins the race against a speedy Rabbit.

4. A break: Well we all need it won't we a break is a 1 or 2 day thing and that can workout really well for you if you schedule generic posts for each day. By generic I mean information which is not like a NEWS and would be okay to be posted at any given point of time. Like your experience you encountered or something about a topic which would be never ending example SEO.

5. Avoid Stress and Improve Productivity: Writing too many posts can be really hectic and might impact even your personal life. I still remember spending hours together from morning till late night writing onw post after the other and in the end I realized the weekend is over. Next day was office and I didn't have any break. It would have been more productive for me had I taken a week long break and scheduled all those posts smartly for the next week. Next day I had to again sit late night post office to make sure I have scheduled posts for the remaining week.

Do you want to know How to schedule posts in Blogger Blogspot? Do let me know if you agree with me on this topic and yes you guessed it right this is a scheduled post.

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Stay tuned for many such  interesting posts as you never know you might get some scheduled post any moment.

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  1. Hey this is really nice! Never thought all this! gr8 stuff


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