When should you not use Google Shortener? - latest tech tips

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When should you not use Google Shortener?

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Just some time back I explained details of the usefulness Google Shortener service from goo.gl. Today I will discuss with you the Do's and Don't s especially Don't s of this service.

If you read How to shorten long URLs using Google Shortener? you will understand the advantages of this service from Google. But as much as this service is useful sometimes it can also be disadvantageous.

Here are some of the disadvantages of Google Shortener and places where it can be avoided:
  1. The identity of the website of which the URL belongs gets lost.
  2. Hence people might not be able to recollect the name of the website if they have many such short URLs stored at one place.
  3. The short URL may not be Search Engine friendly (may be other than Google).
  4. The key words used in the name of the html are also lost while the search engine indexes these short URLs.
  5. These short URLs should only be used for sharing purposes especially on twitter.
  6. This service should not be used for sharing name of any website as people will forget the website all together.
  7. Lastly this service should not be used with already short URLs (less than 18 chars).
All in all if you take these precautions your website will be search engine safe and be able to use this service more effectively.

Do share your thoughts on this topic as some of the points I have mentioned are open for debate.

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