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When does Google update sites PageRank?

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Are you curious to know when does Google update a websites pagerank? Do you try to check your websites pagerank every day if its changed? Has the pagerank got anything to do with your site getting indexed?

The simple answers to your questions are:
  • Google updates pagerank of websites few times in a year, so stop checking and bothering about it if you have good traffic and your content is good, you will eventually reach there.This would definitely put an end to the myth that Google Pagerank is updated every time Google indexes your website.
  • Google does not care about your websites Pagerank while it indexes it. Google indexes a website regularly if the content is refreshed or updated on a regular basis (that's my personal experience). Sometimes it even indexed within 5 mins of me posting articles. The exact time nobody knows.
I think the above information is very important for people to focus on ROI (Return on Investment) rather than pagerank. The Google's mantra of success.

In case you still want to check your websites page rank the read this article, How to check popularity of your website in the world?

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  1. How to check popularity of your website in the world?

    I am not able to ee this post becoz page not found.

    Plz make this page readable.

  2. Please check it once again..it is already up..

  3. yes, its shows as page not found only,,,

  4. You guys can access the article with this link..How to check popularity of your website in the world?
    If still not then I will email it to you both:)


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