Oct 23: Sad day in my Blogging life! - latest tech tips

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Oct 23: Sad day in my Blogging life!

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I am a loyal Google fan and I always make sure I do not post anything offensive, repetitive and content which is senseless, but on Oct 23 I was shocked to know that  my blog "Latest Tech Tips" which I have invested so much of time, energy and also love for technology is suddenly kind of de-listed from Google search indexing.

Its my moral responsibility to post this and I will share all the information as to what one single person can do when his passionate blog or website gets de-listed from Google search indexing. Its like world coming to a stand still.

The pain and agony and the helplessness one has to go thorough cannot be expressed in words when your top rated articles suddenly start disappearing in from the Google search results, the inflow of traffic falls by over 90 %. Your dreams of building and sharing a huge knowledge archive are shattered and you have no clue what to do next.

But there is a saying that "When Going gets tough the tough gets going", this incidence has really made me think that one should be always prepared for plan B when Google stops giving away its free service and I will definitely post articles about what one can Do to make sure one can reduce the impact to some extent.

The sadness is there but I am also glad that this happened before I  became a very well known and established blogger, this incidence will help me to learn from my mistakes (if any) and also learn to deal with situations like this. And also create knowledge out of this which can be shared with my loyal readers.

What has actually happened:
  1. Well first thing the Google bot stops indexing my blog.
  2. When I do query "Latest Tech Tips" the search results show everything else other than my blog (Horrible feeling).
  3. My blog articles have stopped appearing on search results.
  4. My traffic has dropped by more than 90 % as I depended on Google for traffic (My mistake).
  5. Since mew visitors have stopped coming I believe my growth has suddenly stopped.
It is really very sad for me to post all this information as very few people would find this article but I need to continue blogging no matter what, its my passion and such incidences cannot dampen my spirits (they have a little though). But its time for me to rise and also help other facing the same situation to rise.


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