Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 8: Annoying Google - latest tech tips

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Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 8: Annoying Google

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Have you ever annoyed anyone? How does it feel? Now have you ever annoyed Google? Do you want to try it out? What would happen if you annou Google?

Do you want to  Annoy Google and see what happens? 

  1. Just go to Google home page.
  2. Type in Annoying Google
  3. Click on I Am Feeling Lucky.
  4. Find out How much you annoyed Google.
It basically changes normal Google search into annoyed Google page. All the search results also look anoyed and a mixture of Lower and Upper cases. There resuls are still usable but yes you have to sharply read between the lines to understand the search results.

Also see: All the Mysterious Google Tricks. Don't forget to share with me if you have any mysterious Google trick which you came across.

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