Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 4: Google gravity - latest tech tips

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Mysterious Google Tricks: Part 4: Google gravity

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Do you know who Newton was? Do you know anything about Gravity if not then try this and if yes then too try this. Here is another mystery Google trick for you. Do you know how Google would look like falling down? No! Then Try this.

  1. Just Go to Google
  2. Type in "Google gravity" without quotes.
  3. Now Press I'm feeling Lucky.
  4. Check out what you see.

    Just wait for some time probably few seconds and you will see everything crashing down including the Google logo and search box. Its like a building collapsing after some earthquake. Wow now that's really strange isn't it? Do share your experience when you try it.

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    1. It takes around 10 seconds for the logo to fall but when it does it awesome..

    2. For macs,
      Command + Click

    3. It is very interesting .I love it when when the google falls down

    4. Ya the effect is really cool..and Thanks for stopping by..ohh Maan you copied my image in your post..that's bad blogging ethics..I might have allowed you to use it had you taken permission...

    5. its very funny,... thanks for sharing the tip


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