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Mozilla Firefox 4: Review

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It would really be very unfair to review a beta product but since millions of people use it on a daily basis I feel it must be revived. Personally I love Mozilla Firefox, I still remember the introduction of tabbed browsing by Mozilla when I was in college.

More than 50 % of the visitors visiting my blog use Mozilla and I do too. Some time back Firefox 4 Beta was released and I must say I was very much impressed at first, it looked very clean and simple but soon my perception started changing as I used it for a month.

Following is the summery of my experience:

Interesting Tabs Concept:
The tabs are now round edged look pretty, if you have multiple tabs then the width of each tab is auto adjusted to accommodate many more tabs, when that limit ends the tabs are loaded but have to be scrolled to get to. This is a very good enhancement.

Buttons are very cool:
I loved the new buttons and the overall layout which come by default, I did not feel the need to add any theme as the default look and feel is very cool.

Bookmarks from previous version don’t load:

When I installed Firefox 4 it automatically replaced my previous Mozilla 3.6.X something, at first I thought its okay but later I realized how painful it’s going to be later. All my Bookmarks were loaded in this new version, but when I tried using some of them few loaded and few did not. Soon it became a huge pain to switch to Opera or IE for those websites, which I generally hate doing.

Some websites don’t load at all:
I found out that many websites do not load at all in FF 4 and it’s highly disappointing.

Feedback Button:
It’s a must and Firefox 4 has it at the right hand top corner. It has two broad option :-) that indicates you are going to post a positive feedback and :-( indicating you will be posting a negative feedback. All the issues and feedbacks can be viewed. Interestingly it has around 100000 feedbacks and around 60 % are negative.

I am sort of disappointed with the Firefox 4 and it deserves 2 out 5. If you take my advice allow the official version to be launched rather than trying out the Beta version. Being a FireFox fan I am very optimistic that once all the issues are fixed Firfox 4 would certainly be a force to reckon with. For now I would be happy with 3.6.X version of Mozilla.

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