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List of all Free Online Financial Calculators?

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If you are curious to find out what would be your EMI once you purchase your new home or car then here is a vary nice tool which will help you get all the information.

The tool is online and it can also be downloaded. It gives you numeric as well as graphical information of the loans EMI amount. Just visit the link to get started.

Apart from loan EMI if you want to get information on eligibility,investments, retirement savings calculation and a lot more following are the calculator for you.

  1. Your loan eligibility then you visit this link
  2. Your SIP calculation then you can visit this link. Its very useful for retirement investments and setting goals of earnings for your retirement.
  3. If you want to find out your loan repayment tenure i.e. how early can you finish your loan then here is another calculator for you visit this link
  4. If you want to calculate compound interest for your interest over a period of years then here is a link for you.
  5. If you want to calculate your retirement savings then here another calculator for you.
You might find all this a lot of information but it is so important to think of the future from the start of our carriers else we might end up living paying off debts.

All the above great tools are developed by

Happy investments...

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