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Interesting Facts (pros and cons) about Feedjit Widget?

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Feedjit is a very revolutionary widget which helps you track real time page visits to your blog or website. But every coin  has two side one good and one bad. Today I will discuss few of both.
First of all few facts you must know about Feedjit:
  1. At one point of time it displays 10 recent visits on the site in which you place the widget.
  2. It displays 50 visits when you click on the link provided on the widget on your site.
  3. It shows visits real time (with a small lag of 5 to 10 seconds).
Now let me tell you all the Pros of Feedjit Widget:
  1. Its absolutely free.
  2. Very easy to embed in your website.
  3. You can understand real time keywords which people enter in search engines to get to your websites.
  4. You can do geographical analysis of the visits to your website.
  5. The search queries which you see can give you ideas to post new innovative articles to get more traffic.
  6. It can inspire visitors to comeback looking at the traffic real time.
Now here is a list of Cons of Feedjit Widget:
  1. It takes up lot of space in your website.
  2. The data is public and whatever data you can view even your competitors can view and steal those ideas if you are not proactive enough.
  3. Its difficult to hide the active widget and still use it.
  4. It generates dynamic content which is sometimes not Google or search bot friendly.
After studying I would still recommend using this great widget as its all together a different high when you see people visiting your website real time it hooks and makes you more passionate about your blog or website. But in the end the decision is your.I personally like it very much.

Just in case you decide you want to use it please check the article How to use Feedjit?.

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