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How to use Google Instant effectively?

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Are you always lost while you are searching something on Google, Many a times it so happens that we search for something and land up on some pages we never imagined? Google Instant will help you focus on your search and give you instant result.

Google Instant is a service which is proactive and goes on predicting what you are searching for while you are typing and gives you various relevant options to select from. Google Instant also loads the search result as you are typing. It basically works on principle that generally humans type slowly and read faster.

Another advantage of this new service is you never have to hit enter key to get results, search results are always loaded. This service is available in selected countries such as US (of course), UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and recently added India was added to the list.

How to use Google Instant?

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. If your account belongs to the countries I mentioned earlier Google Instant would be enabled by default.
  3. Also See: How to check if Google Instant is enabled for me? To get more details.
  4. Just start typing in the search box and you will notice that search results start populating.
  5. As you are typing check the suggestions from Google, the most relevant suggestion is populated in the search box itself with a slightly faint color and other suggestions are listed.
  6. You can simply click on one of the suggestions if you feel it’s the same you intended to search.
  7. You never have to press enter in Google as every letter you type in generates a relevant result for you.
Facts about Google Instant:

  • You can easily turn off Google Instant.
  • Google Instant does not slow down your internet connection.
  • Google Instant does not change the ranking of a page in any way.
  • Google Instant is currently not available on mobile.
  • Google Instant is not enabled when you do not Sign In to your Google Account.
  • Google Instant is a mini revolution in enhancing the user experience of Google search all together and I would recommend you to definitely give it a try. If you do not like it then see: How to turn off Google Instant?
Also try these useful Google Tricks, which will help you search effectively and some tricks will also help you in enjoying your search results.

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