How to use cool wallpaper feature in Windows 7? - latest tech tips

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How to use cool wallpaper feature in Windows 7?

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Do you have a list of very good wallpapers and want windows to automatically load a new wallpaper each day? Guess what you can do that very easily.

All you have to do is
  1. Copy all the cool wallpapers in one folder in any location of your choice in your Windows 7.
  2. Just copy the full path of that folder.
  3. Go to Desktop and Right click.
  4. Click on Personalize.
  5. Select Desktop Background.
  6. Select your folder.
  7. Select the pre defined time interval in which you want to the wallpaper to automatically change.
  8. Click on Save changes.
That's simple and very effective isn't it. This way you can see a new wallpaper each day or after every few hours or every minute or whatever time interval you specify.

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