How to turn off chat in Gmail? - latest tech tips

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How to turn off chat in Gmail?

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If you do not use Gmail chat and are unhappy with the way it occupies so much space in your mail box there is a very simple way to just simply turn it off.
Just scroll down to the bottom of your Gmail Inbox and you will find Gmail turn off link. Just click on it and the Gmail chat option will be temporarily disabled.

If you want to turn it back on then just click on the same link and you chat is instantly enabled back. Another advantage of tuning off Gmail chat is it improves the performance of Gmail and loads very quickly.

There are many queries I get as to why Gmail is running slowly, this tip will certainly help Gmail perform better for you. You can even use this tip to temporarily improve Gmail performance and then switch chat back on once you need it.

Also see: Latest Gmail Tricks and Google Tricks. I am very sure most of them are really very simple, useful and you are probably not aware of.

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