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How to Simply Add HTML Code in your Blogger Posts?

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Did you always feel there should be a simple way to demo your sample HTML or any programming language code and wanted a very very simple way to do it? Then your prayers are answered here.

There are hundreds of complicated ways in which people display there sample code in blogger posts. But I always thought there should be a simpler way. And I found out a very simple way to display sample code in Blogger posts.

Just copy paste the below code and add your sample code between the textarea tag of HTML.

You can simple modify the cols="50" rows="10" as per your requirement. If you want to increase the height of the window add number of rows and if you desire to increase or decrease the width then modify the cols parameter.

This is a very simple way and also has some limitations but for simple code this is the best way I could find with minimum coding effort and no external style classes.

I have used the same method to demo the sample code.

Do let me know if you find a further simple method.

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