How to get back old Twitter UI and turnoff new UI? - latest tech tips

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How to get back old Twitter UI and turnoff new UI?

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The new Twitter UI is really very interesting but some people love the way it looked before inshort Classic Twitter UI. Its really simple to get it back.

The new Twitter UI is a preview and can be turned off easily. If you have turned it ON just to try it out and not very happy with it then simply.
  1. SignIn to your twitter account.
  2. Just look at the the message called "Welcome to #NewTwitter! Read up on what’s new. You can also leave the preview and come back later."
  3. Just click on the leave the preview link in the message and you are bac to the old UI.
This is a preview of the new UI but soon the new UI will become default and you will have to give up your Classic simple Twitter UI. Until that happens enjoy your Classic Twitter. "Classic" I love that word.


The Old twitter UI will be phased out soon. But there is a different way to get it back..
Below image illustration can be refereed for the same..

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    1. Thanks for the post I didn't even know if there was any new UI for twitter...

    2. Then you must follow this blog for many such simple unknown things..


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