How to easily navigate photo album in Facebook? - latest tech tips

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How to easily navigate photo album in Facebook?

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Are you fed up of clicking next and previous in Facebook Photo albums. Do you feel there should be a much easier way to do that?Well your prayers are answered here.

Here is how you can easily navigate any Facebook Photo album:
  1. Just Go to Facebook.
  2. Load your favorite Photo Album.
  3. If you want to see the Next Pic Just press SHIFT + Right Arrow Key.
  4. If you want to see the previous Pic just press SHIFT + Left Arrow key.
When I used this approach I was very happy with the user experience and the ease with which I was able to see all the pics in the album. Another advantage of this approach is sometimes the location of the next and Previous links auto adjusted to the right hand corner of the pic and if the pics resolution changes the location also changes hence making it more painful. Hope you will also enjoy it the same way.

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