How to do free SEO Analysis of your Blog or Website? - latest tech tips

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How to do free SEO Analysis of your Blog or Website?

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Do you feel your website is not attracting many users? Having good keywords in your website meta tags is good but having relevant information in your website is also equally important in fact very important.

Many people feel that putting good keywords in meta tags will attract good visitors but that's wrong. "Google Bot" is a smart @$$ and is in business since you can ever imagine. "Google Bot" indexes billions of pages each day and if it finds out you are fooling with it you may be de-listed from Google Index and it has happened even with big fishes so mind your code in your website. You may be even penalized with a very poor page rank.

Now that we know the seriousness of the issue don't you think it would be great if there is a tool which would actually analyze your website contents and give detailed analysis of where exactly you are going wrong.

Factors such as

  1. Keyword Density,
  2. Keyword relevance to your website,
  3. Description of website and interconnection with the contents,
  4. Number of URLs are analyzed and are presented in front of you in a very simple manner
The website which will help you analyze your website is SEOCentro . Analyze your website right now and rectify all the suggestions immediately late than never.

Lastly please share your experience post rectification so that you set an example for other readers of our blog too. Lets build a community of great Webmasters and Blogger's. Let us all give respect to "Google bot" which it deserves. The above tip is generic and applicable to all the search engines.

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